DROCON Blue Bugs

DROCON’s Blue Bugs brushless drone with GoPro support hits Amazon

Brushless drones are getting more affordable by the day. If you're looking for a budget brushless drone to carry your GoPro, you might be interested in what you see here!






DJI Spark: A behemoth’s take on the selfie drone

The DJI Spark selfie drone is finally out. At $500, it's pretty affordable, and it comes with a host of features. Keep reading to know them all!
Twenty-one 2.4G Mini Building Blocks Drone

This DIY Lego-style drone costs just $25

Twenty-One's newest is a kit (all inclusive) made of LEGO-esque blocks that you can put together to build your own drone.
Batman Fidget Spinner

The only thing that’s left, is a Batman themed fidget spinner

The fidget spinner craze is here and is going to stay. Today we're taking a look at some Batman-themed fidget spinners that you can get for $2!
BAYANGTOYS X16 GPS Brushless RC Quadcopter

Brushless BAYANGTOYS X16 makes a return with GPS

Bayangtoys have announced an upgrade to the uber popular Bayangtoys X16 drone, this time with a GPS module on board while retaining brushless motors.


bluetooth speaker fidget spinner

This Bluetooth speaker is also a… fidget spinner

If you were done seeing new 'variations' of the fidget spinner, keep reading this post to know what $5 can get you in 2017...
MJX Bugs 2 B2C Brushless RC Quadcopter

Launched: MJX Bugs 2 with brushless motors, GPS positioning for $125

MJX have finally announced a successor to the hugely popular MJX Bugs 3 in the weirdly-named Bugs 2, which is a GPS drone for $140.
Six Arm Soldering Station

This $30 6-arm soldering station is meant to be a DIY...

This new 6-arm soldering station should find a lot of takers in the DIY space.
Aluminum Alloy Bearing Fidget Spinner

All-metal aluminium fidget spinner for $3? YES!

Fidget spinners are the current big thing in the market right now, and if you've ever wanted a nice one, check what we have here.
FQ777 FQ02W Wifi FPV Foldable Drone

FQ777 FQ02W: Another DJI Mavic Pro clone! ($55)

The newest DJI Mavic Pro clone to hit the drone market is the WiFi FPV enabled FQ777 FQ02W. With a price tag of well under $70, it's fairly affordable.
IDEAFLY IF88 88mm Micro Brushless RC Racing Drone

Launched: Ideafly IF88 88mm micro brushless racing drone

Ideafly have announced their latest in the micro brushless series, the Ideafly IF88 FPV drone for just around the $150 mark.
WLtoys 10428-B2 Electric Rock Crawler Buggy

WLtoys 10428-B2 Electric Rock Crawler Buggy Launched

Popular quadcopter drone maker WLtoys has just come out with the new WLtoys 10428-B2 rock crawler buggy, that certainly looks like a tonne of fun.
GoolRC G90 Pro 90mm 5.8G 48CH Micro FPV Brushless Racing RC Quadcopter

GoolRC G90 Pro is the newest $100 BRUSHLESS Tiny Whoop!

If you thought we were done talking about various Tiny Whoop alternatives, you're in for some surprise. Meet the new $100 brushess GoolRC G90 Pro!

[US Warehouse] Deals: Drones, RC trucks and more on clearance sale

We've just been notified about a special clearance sale that the good folks at GearBest at holding at the moment. Have a look here!

What it is it about these FIDGET SPINNERS?

You can see fidget spinners left, right and center. What is the big deal about these, and where can you get them REALLY cheap ($1.5?!)... find here.

Techboy TB-802: An ordinary drone with EXTRAORDINARY control tech!

If you thought the quadcopter drone industry was taking a bit of a backseat on innovation, check out the hand-motion controlled Techboy TB-802 drone!
ARFUN 90mm Mini Brushless FPV Racing Drone

ARFUN 90mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone: Another Tiny Whoop Alternative?

The ARFUN 90mm drone is the last addition to the already huge catalog of Tiny Whoop contenders. But like only a few, it's got brushless motors.
Z201YS Mini Foldable RC Quadcopter

The Z201YS mini foldable drone hits the market at $30

The new Z201YS foldable drone seems to be eyeing the spot that's currently grabbed by the Eachine E55 and the likes. More info here!
QI ZHI TOYS QZ - S8 Foldable RC Quadcopter

QI ZHI TOYS QZ – S8: The Foldable Frog Drone with...

Meet the new QI ZHI TOYS QZ-S8 drone, which, besides being a foldable quadcopter, is quite an interesting piece of kit in itself.