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JJRC H8C with return to home and one key return leaves buyer surprised!

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JJRC H8CThe JJRC H8C is already quite a popular quad-copter, but it appears as though it just got a lot better… thanks to a ninja upgrade it may have gotten.

A buyer posted photos of his newly acquired JJRC H8C, but with a twist. He mentions he placed the order for the ‘regular’ H8C (not that something like that exists), but ended up with a quad-copter that had RTH (return to home) and one-key return enabled. How about that for a surprise!

The JJRC H8C sells for around the US$50 mark, and is one of the more VFM quad-copters out there in the market. Besides having a 7.4V battery, the USP of the JJRC H8C is the on-board camera, which is a 2 mega-pixel sensor that gives beginners a taste of aerial photography and video. Most e-commerce stores that deal in the quad-copter also throw in a free 2GB microSD card, which makes it a deal tough to resist.


Functions like Return To Home and One Key Return are often found on more expensive quad-copters, and the addition of those on a budget flier like the JJRC H8C is a sign of great things to come!

Let us know what you think of the ninja upgrade in the comments section below.

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    How do you activate them? I got a H8C and the instructions are …