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Want to stop drones from flying over your property? NoFlyZone has a solution!


drones-civilianWith drones getting exponentially popular (and inexpensive) by the day, it is but natural that more and more people indulge in the hobby. While some fly drones because they have their livelihood dependent on them, some do it just for the heck of it — and that’s where inexpensive drones kick in.

However, not everyone’s comfortable with a man made machine flying over their house. Reasons can be infinite; security, privacy or possibly even for the sound that a drone emits. Governments are slowly but certainly recognizing the potential threat that these drones carry, and are starting to take action against the same.

Here’s where there’s a need for something like NoFlyZone (noflyzone.org). Using the services from NoFlyZone, one can easily establish a… No Fly Zone over his or her property. Of course, since NoFlyZone can’t just come over to your house and enforce the limitations, the organization is urging drone makers to sign up for the movement and honor No Fly Zones. Among others that have joined hands for this, Ehang (makers of the Ghost+ drone) happens to be one maker.

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It’s only about time that more organizations such as this show up, don’t you think?

[Via, Photo Credits: Dan Bruins]
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