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Nihui Toys U807 with 2MP camera, headless mode announced


201502041853267701Another mini drone has gone official, and it again comes from China. Known as the Nihui Toys U807, the quad-copter comes with a larger than micro frame, and has a camera on-board along with some other cool features.

The drone is listed at around the US$60 mark on most popular resellers from China. The listings mention a flying distance of 150 meters, along with a battery of 650mAh which is claimed to give the drone a flight time of 10 to 12 minutes, which isn’t bad by any means. A 2 mega-pixel camera sits on the belly of the drone, but it isn’t clear yet if the angle on this one can be changed.



An interesting feature that the drone exhibits, and something that we’ve been seeing on many drones of late is the headless mode. If you aren’t aware, headless mode basically lets you fly the drone without having to worry about its orientation; in other words, your front is the drone’s front, your right is the drone’s right, and so on, regardless of where the drone’s ‘head’ is pointing at.

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The quad-copter has a cool UFO-ish look to it, and of course does flips as well, at the touch of a button.

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