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Eachine now shipping the H1 (Mini Ninja Hybrid) in headless-only mode


The Eachina H1 aka Mini Ninja Hybrid aka ‘the Skywalker’ quad-copter is quite a hit among the budget section of the audience. One thing that probably could’ve made the quad-copter better is headless mode.

If you don’t know what headless mode is, let me tell you: a quad-copter, like any vehicle, has a front and rear, but almost always it is quite tough to make out the front from the rear. Now, this makes orientation quite a big deal, especially among newbies. Headless mode allows one to control the quad-copter without having to worry about orientation; the ‘front’ is always the front, and so on.

Coming back to the Eachine H1, it appears as though the company is now shipping the quad-copter locked in headless mode. Now that isn’t something that will go well with the veterans, but they seem to make only a minority anyway.

Quad-copter focused YouTube channel Frequent Flier RCĀ posted a video about the ‘upgraded’ Eachine H1, where the quad-copter displays its headless-only characteristics. To think of it, a headless mode quad-copter for less than US$20 sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

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Take a look at the quad-copter in action right here. Do let us know what you think!

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  • Azazavr

    Is it possible to turn headless mode OFF?

    • Looks like it isn’t possible on this one unfortunately!