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Can the JJRC H8C mount a GoPro/SJ4000? Apparently, yes!

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The JJRC H8C is one of the more popular mini drones in the market as of today. Not only is it cost effective as a standalone drone, but the quad-copter also offers an on-board camera so you get a platform to give your aerial filming dreams a start on budget.

However, the on-board camera that the JJRC H8C has on board isn’t the most powerful, naturally. This is maybe where a lot of people would want to upgrade; the Mobius 808 is a good option, but then again its hardly an update and often not worthy of one.

The natural question you would then ask would be if the JJRC H8C can hold a GoPro, or something similar such as the SJ4000 camera. It turns out that yes, the JJRC H8C can mount the SJ4000, but with home elementary home hackery.

YouTube user Copter Hubsan managed to test the JJRC H8C mounted with the SJ4000, and the results are here for all to see. The drone, as you can see from the video, doesn’t do bad at all. Of course, you won’t be getting DJI Inspire 1 like footage thanks to the absence of a gimbal/stabilization mechanism, but hey, you can’t ask for more from a $55 drone!

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