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The Chinese New Year is done with, you can now (finally) expect more drone launches!


IMG_20150221_151845_result-2The Chinese take their work seriously. If there ought to be two countries where people really (like, really) stick to the ‘work hard, party hard’ mantra, it’s got to be China and Germany. Whatever experience I have of dealing with people from the two nations, I can tell that they take their work really seriously, and when they are on a holiday, they holiday like no one else does!

We’re a drone-centric site, so why are we talking about ethics and nature of various nationals? Well, most of the drones that we discuss here on RC Drone Arena come from none other than… China. Unlike other Chinese products which are often clones and low-quality, drones and China have a special, unique relationship. Most (almost all) drones that we see are not only manufactured in China, but also designed by companies that are truly Chinese. The best example of a company like this is our very own DJI, which is a drone maker (one of the first commercial ones to do so on a massive scale) based in China’s electronics capital of Shenzhen.

The Chinese recently celebrated the Chinese New Year on February 19th this year. Since the Chinese follow the Lunar calendar, the date according to the Roman calendar that we follow isn’t fixed. This is also when there’s a week-long (or even more) holiday in China. Now, that should answer your question if you were wondering why there haven’t been many drones launched in the last couple of weeks!

Are you ready to get back into action? Also, happy new year to our Chinese readers!

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  • Sunny

    Nice article and website, yeah chinese holiday is all about the family and one of the few times to truly relax. Coming back after the holiday is great as you re refreshed and ready for work.

    • Thanks Sunny, like, share, and spread the word!