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The Eachine 3D X4 is a Blade Nano QX 3D clone for just $40!


eachine 3d x4The Chinese are fast when it comes to cloning phones (some Chinese cloned-phone makers actually release their cloned models before the real thing), but I bet you didn’t know they did drone clones as fast too!

The Eachine 3D X4 that just got announced happens to be a clone (well, pretty much) of the Blade Nano QX 3D… which itself is fresh on the market. What’s special about the Nano QX 3D is that the quad-copter can fly upside-down, i.e., with its propellers pointing downwards.

The Eachine 3D X4 that happens to be the subject of this article also appears to have the functionality of being able to fly upside-down. At just $40 apiece the drone doesn’t look like a very expensive proposition, too. I’m┬ánot sure if there are going to be legal complications with the design, but the similarity is hard to miss as far as I’m concerned.

eachine 3d x4 2

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More on the Eachine 3D X4 will be posted as an when there’s an update. Meanwhile, I’ll also try and get in touch with some resellers that might know a bit more than me about the Eachine 3D X4. If it does go on sale in the coming weeks with enough stock, would you consider purchasing it? The curios can download the drone’s English user manual here.

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  • Sunny

    Its on presale and not on sale yet, hopefully stock will arrive soon, looks interesting

    • Indeed does. Let’s see if I can get my hands on one for review.