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UDI R/C U842 Falcon now listed, comes with on-board HD camera & 7.4V battery


UDI R/C is back with another drone, the UDI R/C U842 Falcon, and this time it happens to be one with an on-board camera. We’ve seen a lot of drones with cameras being launched in the past couple of months or so, and a camera drone now appears to be the norm than the exception.

The UDI R/C U842 Falcon has a camera that does 1280 x 720 pixel video at 30fps and photos of unspecified resolution. The dimensions of the drone (according to the official website) are – 486 x 486 x 122 mm, making it one of the larger mini drones to have graced the market recently.

UDI RC U842 2

It comes with a 7.4V 800mAh battery, which according to UDI R/C translates to flight times between 6-8 minutes, which isn’t bad at all for a rather entry-level drone. However, the pricing on this one doesn’t seem as entry-level as the specifications; it is currently listed on Amazon for $150.

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From the photos it does look like one that’s higher quality than other drones that we’ve been seeing, but is the $150 price justified? I don’t really think so. Drones such as the JJRC V686 offer features like FPV for 2/3rd the price, so UDI R/C really need to rethink their strategies a bit if they plan to be successful with the U842 Falcon.

UDI RC U842 controller

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  • Tim Sudderth

    I received a Falcon UDI R/C U842 as a gift and the battery won’t accept a charge. Closer inspection revealed that the battery/charger/drone connectors were damaged. Fry’s refused to replace although their technician declared it as ‘defective’. Where can I get it repaired? tims@surequest.com

    • Not sure about that. If you don’t have an invoice, it’s going to be hard to get an exchange. I reckon you get another battery with the same specs.

  • John O’Hearn

    Can you use the FPV controller from U842-1 lark for the falcon

  • Demita Wright

    One of the wires that connects the camera to the drone came out of the plug, any suggestions on how to repair it as I am not an electrician and am not familiar with wires.