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Drone import set to become easier in India thanks to new regulation


Only some days back, FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) of the US announced a ruling which made it easier for private and commercial drone pilots to fly their vehicles. Earlier today, a similar ruling was passed in India.

Matters had been at a standstill in India since quite a while after the government announced that it was illegal for any Indian citizen to pilot drones (UAV). After this development, however, it is going to be a lot easier for drone pilots to go about their business. It had earlier been reported that the customs department has asked not to clear drone imports, which lead to seizure of 1000’s of drones.

Here’s what a government official had to say, according to The Indian Express:

The benefits of deploying drones for civilian applications are many. They can be used for surveillance in crowded places. It would help in checking untoward incidents of unrest. We do not want to ban them but are looking at ways to define flight paths, height and areas of operation so that UAVs do not pose a hazard in manned air traffic operations

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A lot of commercial organizations such as Amazon, etc. which have been looking into delivery by drones will find respite in this development. That said, it could certainly be a while before this is enforced by the government, because a go-ahead signal from a few authorities is still pending.

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  • Sampath Krishna

    I ordered a drone and it was held by customs for the same reason. I invested Rs. 1 Lac and they say it can’t be cleared since it is restricted to use UAV in India. What should I do now?

    • Indeed, now isn’t a good time to import drones into India. The best you can do is request a ‘return to sender’ and claim refund.

  • Suraj

    Hey, I am planning to buy DJI Phantom 3 Advanced from AliExpress using DHL so what do you think about it? Will it be held by the customs as well?

    • If they come to know there’s a drone inside the shipment, yes. Reckon you purchase from an Indian dealer itself.

    • Vinod Mutha

      Dear suraj

      Y r u planning to buy from ali express when u can get it here at little extra cost
      We have both phantom 3 & phantom 4 call me at 7418503221

    • Rohit

      Vinod mutha gave you the best answer.and please avoid buying from outside sellers,i
      Got my drone stucked in customs they marked a penalty of 60000 inr just to return it, and i cant get the drone cleared without eta.