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WLtoys V363 with headless mode and ultrasonic ground detection announced

WLtoys V363

v363 2_result-1Yet another WLtoys drone went on sale earlier today, in the form of the WLtoys V363. The drone is essentially a WLtoys V262 but with added headless mode and ultrasonic sensors on the bottom side.

According to press material, the drone has a flying range of 80 to 130 meters from the controller with the controller using the 2.4GHz FHSS method of transmission. The WLtoys V363¬†works through 4 channels and has a 6 axis gyroscope, which isn’t something new but certainly good to have if you want to perform¬†maneuvers such as banks and the likes.

WLtoys V363

As mentioned before, the V363 also comes with headless mode which allows beginners to pilot the drone without having to worry about orientation (you can read more about how headless mode works here). What’s more interesting though is the fact that the V363 also has ultrasonic sensors on the bottom that tell the drone how far off from the ground it is, something that helps the drone in maintaining elevation.

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The WLtoys V363 is among the larger drones we’ve seen in the past with a footprint of 53 cm x 53 cm. It has a 1200mAh battery with a 7.4V rating, which should return 6 to 8 minutes of flight time after the 100 minute charge. The drone can be bought for $130 shipped from Banggood (other shops such as Tmart and Gearbest are yet to put up listings), and as usual you also get a set of spare blades within the package.

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