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The FY326 Q7 is a Syma X5/X5C clone that beats the real thing!


FY326Every now and then, Chinese drone manufacturers take a dig at popular international brands (that is, their products) by making clones of popular offerings. The FY326 Q7 takes this a step further by cloning a fellow Chinese drone!

The FY326 Q7 does so by cloning the ever so popular Syma X5/X5C drones which sell for $33 and $53 respectively. From early reviews of the drone, it appears as though the drone not only costs lesser than the Syma X5, but also betters it in a coupe aspects!

Here’s what an early reviewer had to say about the FY326 Q7 Syma X5 clone:

The $31 FY326 flies as well as the Syma X5C which it obviously is a clone. But, the transmitter is much better than the X5C’s, with observed range well over 150 meters. As this quadcopter is nearly identical to the X5C, it can also use the inexpensive and widely available replacement parts of the X5C.

The reviewer with a username¬†t00nz843z on RCGroups also points out the fact that the FY326 drone is compatible with spare parts of the Syma X5, which means that there’s going to be plenty of accessories on sale should you damage any component of your FY326. He also notes that the Syma X5/X5C controller is not compatible with the FY326 Q7.

You also find the entire review via the source link at the bottom. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the listing of the FY326 Q7, which is priced only $31.

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