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[Video] Unboxing the Syma X11 ‘Hornet’ quad-copter drone


Syma X11 (2)Up until 2014, the Hubsan X4 was regarded as one of the best, if not the best, beginners quad-copter drone. However, last year saw a lot of consumer drones being launched, one among which happens to be the Syma X11 Hornet.

The quad-copter drone costs under $30 on most web-stores and comes with geared props, enabling a much greater flight time than other quad-copter drones of its class. Gearbest sent one over for me to review, and I only got the parcel today after a little detour that the parcel took at the customs office.

Nonetheless, I went ahead and tested the X11 Hornet a little (indoors), and so far, the results are extremely positive. If you’re coming from something like the Cheerson CX-10 and the likes, it might take time to get used to the gear driven props which give the Syma X11 rather unique flight characteristics.

Syma X11 (1)

Syma X11 Hornet Quad-copter Unboxing video

The drone itself comes in a nice and big box, with a proper English language manual contained. Syma is among the better known companies from China, so that isn’t really a surprise. Apart from the English language user’s manual and the drone itself, the packaging includes: a 200mAh 3.7V battery, 4 additional prop guards and a USB charging cable apart from the yesteryear videogame-style controller.

Nonetheless, I’ll be testing the Syma X11 Hornet indoors and outdoors through the coming week, and a full review of the same will be posted shortly after.

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Meanwhile, you can take a look at the listing of the Syma X11 Hornet on the Gearbest online store ($29 shipped) where it’s available in Red, White and Black.