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Tarot launch the new TL100HD 2/3-axis gimbal


441d9c9a-9b71-4617-b8ec-a860322c8ebdAerial photography and filmography has turned out to be not only a massive commercial success, but also a very popular hobby. Often, drone pilots start out with entry-level quadcopter drones with really shabby cameras, which don’t do the purpose much good.

It’s often a better idea to get a quadcopter drone that can do a decent payload so you can mount your camera, and then a gimbal to stabilize your video. Of course, easier said than done; these drones and gimbals can sometimes cost a fortune. China’s Tarot however are known for their well-priced gimbals.

At $885 (5,500 CNY in China) the Tarot TL100HD is far from affordable (and it doesn’t include the camera), but the gimbal does look like something amateurs and professionals could do with. It was announced hours back by folks at Tarot, and unfortunately, not a lot is known about the TL100HD as of writing the article.

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All the Tarot website says is that it’ll be a 2/3-axis gimbal. More information about the TL100HD can be expected in the coming days, and I’ll keep you guys posted on the same. In the meantime, feel free to discuss in the comments section the price and expected features of this $885 Tarot TL100HD gimbal.


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