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The MJX X-900 is the world’s first nano hexacopter drone


9707761427787188_result-2Update: The MJX X-900 just went on sale, read about it here.

We’ve seen an onslaught of nano quadcopter drones in the recent few months, and the MJX X-900 seems to break the shackles in an unexpected manner.

The drone is perhaps the world’s first nano hexacopter!

The MJX X-900 was spotted on the Leshan Toys’ official website, and the page since seems to have been taken down for some reason. Which is why, I can’t tell you much about the MJX X-900 at the moment, since a couple screens are the only things that I have to show as of now. The available material, as you can see, does say that the MJX X-900 can do ‘3D┬áRolls’ (aka flips).


A nano hexacopter drone sounds like a rather interesting proposition… more so because we haven’t really seen any yet. It was nano quadcopter drones like the Cheerson CX-10 and Gin H7 that really gave the quadcopter drone market a boost by making available fun drones at super affordable prices. The Cheerson CX-10, for example, can be had for as low as $16 shipped!

The MJX X-900 could be a couple or so dollars more expensive for obvious reasons, but I’ll hold off from saying more until official information is provided. In the meantime, feel free to discuss below in the comments section what price you would be happy to pay for a nano hexacopter drone!

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