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[Video] DM007 Nighthawk quadcopter drone hands on and unboxing


The DM007 is one of the hottest selling quadcopter drones at the moment I’m told. Given the price to features ratio of the DM007, it is no wonder the quadcopter drone sells well.

I just got my unit for review earlier today from the post office, and spent a day flying it indoors and outdoors. In more ways than one, the DM007 Nighthawk quadcopter drone is a two-faced flier; there are some very good parts, and then there are some that you’d rather not want on a $50 toy.

The DM007 is available in a multitude of variants, including a non-camera one for $38, one with a 0.3MP camera for $49 and lastly, the 2MP camera enabled DM007 for $54.

First off, the DM007 is one of the most stable flying quadcopter drones out there. Size wise, the DM007 lies somewhere between mini and micro drones; the landing gear and prop guards make the DM007 look bigger than it actually is.

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The DM007 scores a near perfect 10/10 on flight characteristics, but where it lags behind the competition is the build quality and general QC. The plastic on the DM007 certainly doesn’t make it look like a $50 quadcopter drone, but rather one that’s 1/5th the value. Maybe I’m being harsh, but the makers of the DM007 really need to use better plastic to build the drone.

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Moving on to the props, the plastic used is sufficiently good in quality, but the blades somehow keep coming off the motors. And then, despite turning off the remote, the DM007’s motors keep rotating, exposing you to a risk of injury while you try and disconnect the battery.

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Full review will include camera samples, flight time overview, and more!

More will follow in the full review of the DM007. Meanwhile, take a look at the product listing of the DM007 on GearBest!