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MJX X900 nano hexacopter now on sale for $23


9707761427787188_result-2I talked about the MJX X900 a few days back, when the nano drone just showed up for the first time. It appears as though the MJX X900, aka the world’s first nano hexacopter, is now on sale.

The hexacopter drone is priced at $23 on popular reseller store Banggood. Despite the fact that it has gone on sale already, not a lot more is known than when it first appeared. It does look like the added props will give the MJX X900 a greater degree of stability, and you, a greater degree of control over the hexacopter drone.

$23 isn’t a bad price to pay right now if you’re among the early adopters. I expect the price to settle down to about $18 through a couple of months… but it all depends on how popular it gets. The Cheerson CX-10, for example, took its own sweet time getting to the $15-17 mark it sells for as of now.

I’ll probably be doing a review of this little hexacopter drone in the coming weeks if I’m successful in getting my hands on one. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the product listing on Banggood!


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