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WLtoys V911S: the world’s cheapest headless quadcopter drone!


WLtoys-V911S-5_result-2Ever since quadcopter drones started taking off (pun intended) as hobbyist favourites, innumerable nano quadcopter drones (and now, nano hexacopter drones!) have been released.

The WLtoys V911 is among the most popular nano quadcopter drones out there, and thanks to evolving technology and plummeting component costs, the WLtoys V911 is back as the V911S, but with a twist; it now comes with headless mode. And, if I’m not wrong, at just $13 the WLtoys V911S is the world’s cheapest headless mode quadcopter drone!


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As was the case with the original V911, the V911S headless quadcopter drone is available in four canopy options: Yellow, Green, ‘Olympic’ and ‘UFO’.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy this quadcopter drone, please note that the $13 set fetches you only the BNF version of the drone (click here to know what BNF means). Which is why, the WLtoys V911S will bind with controllers of the WLtoys 911, V912, V913, V929, V939, V949, V959, V969, V979, V989, V999 quadcopter drones.

WLtoys V911S Gallery

It does look like a very interesting proposition to me, but to be very frank, I don’t care much about the headless mode. In fact, I think it is a way to inculcate a bad habit in a budding drone enthusiast… unless nano drones are what excites you the most. Anyway, if you’re interested, buy the drone for $13 here.

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