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The Heliway 950 is another Syma X5 rival


201504091536531612_result-3The Syma X5 (and consequently, the X5C and X5C-1) are among the most popular entry-level camera drones, despite having spent a lot of time on the market already. New quadcopter drones that want to give the Syma X5 keep showing up every now and then, and the Heliway 950 is another one of them.

The Heliway 950 however doesn’t come with a camera. The USP of this quadcopter drone is perhaps its controller, which looks more hobby-grade than most other ones that are shipped with sub-$50 quadcopter drones. Size-wise, the Heliway 950 sits nicely between a

It costs $44 shipped, and as you would expect, does flips and banks thanks to a 6 axis gyroscope. It uses the 2.4GHz band for controller transmission, and with a 106g weight, does, 8 to 10 minutes of flight time (according to the listing, that is; real world numbers are yet to be verified).

In addition to a swappable mode controller (switch between mode 2 and mode 1), the Heliway 950 offers prop guards and landing gear as standard. There’s no mention of the exact mAh rating of the battery, but I’m suspecting it’ll be somewhere around the 500mAh mark. The Heliway 950 can be bought from GearBest for $44 shipped.


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