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HT F801C now does WiFi FPV; is among the cheapest FPV drones


201412231835326601The HT F801C is already quite a popular quadcopter drone, but a recent upgrade it received from the factory should make it an even sweeter deal.

The HT F801C now comes with FPV via WiFi for just $15 over the original cost… which means, it can be had for $64 shipped. The quadcopter drone looks exactly the same as its non-FPV sibling; the changes are under the hood.

Since FPV is via WiFi, no monitor is provided in the retail packaging; you’ll have to use your smartphone or tablet as an FPV monitor with the HT F801C WiFi FPV quadcopter drone. To think of it, this makes it one of the most affordable WiFi FPV quadcopter drones out there!

If you aren’t aware of how it all works, allow me to tell you that FPV (first person view) drones have an on-board camera (0.4 mega-pixel in this case) which transmit video to a suitable monitor. Most 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz FPV drones come with their own monitors, while others (like the HT F801C) require additional smart devices in order to feed the user with the video downlink.

The HT F801C with WiFi FPV can be ordered for $64, while the non-FPV non-camera version can be had forĀ as low as $38 shipped.

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