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The FX 4V is perhaps the first voice-controlled drone!


FX4V_result-3Almost each day China throws a new quadcopter drone at us, but what I’m going to talk about today is something totally different and unexpected.

A Chinese company seems to have launched a drone — the FX 4V quadcopter — with a multitude of features including headless mode and voice control. Yes, you read it right, the quadcopter drone is voice controlled! Thankfully, that is not the only way to control the drone.

It comes with a 2.4GHz controller which you can use to control the drone. The controller has a 3.5mm audio in jack, where the provided mic can be plugged in. A little switch needs to be pushed to enable voice control, after which the FX 4V quadcopter drone responds to the following English-language commands:

  • Rise, forward, backward
  • Left side fly, right side fly, spin
  • Roll over
  • Show Time A, Show Time B and Show Time C (stunts)

Now, that is something for a $45 drone!

Apart from having a headless mode (click here to know what it means) and voice-control features, the FX 4V quadcopter drone also comes with RTH, i.e., Return to Home. The quadcopter measures 85mm diagonally (motor to motor), and thanks to a 300mAh battery, has a flight time of around 5 minutes.

The FX 4V looks like the Syma X11 in more than one aspect, and can be ordered for $45 shipped. Quite clearly, this one is for the more adventurous, since the voice control feature isn’t completely tested and is in its infancy as of now.

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