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MIT researchers test drones that can float on water


Screenshot001Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have prototyped a new kind of a drone which can float on water.

The prototype goes by the ‘Water Flight’ moniker, and has been designed to test various aspects of water including quality, etc. The drones themselves work on the 4G network and can communicate among themselves, which is why the developers call it a ‘swarm’; each drone acknowledges and reacts to the presence of another, and thus mishaps such as collisions can be avoided.

The drones send the data that they collect to a server made especially for the purpose, making collection of data easier. Watch the video below to know more about the floating drones.

As noted in the video above, the researchers plan to develop the drones into making life easier for humans by automating them in the future.

How big a breakthrough is this, according to you? As for me, I think it was just about time this happened.


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