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1501 Space Predator looks like a rather interesting micro drone


15016_result-1The micro and nano quadcopter drone market seems to be the hottest this season. A lot of these are being made, sold and flown, and it is almost every other day that I end up breaking news about the launch of one.

Today, we’ll be talking about one with a rather unique name (at least the prefix is unique) and design — the 1501 Space Predator. It is a $18 drone that sizes somewhere between a nano and a micro (hybrid!), and has a little of the Dromida Ominus in its design.


I would’ve said that it isn’t fair to expect much from a $18 quadcopter drone, but the likes of the Cheerson CX-10, etc. have done enough to make sure that statement isn’t valid anymore.

Coming back to the 1501 Space Predator, the quadcopter comes with a 6-axis gyro, has a couple of speed modes, and thanks to a 150mAh battery, it does about 5 minutes of flight after 40 minutes of charging. Something I particularly like is the fact that it comes with prop guards pre-installed, making it a good choice for beginners.

Up until now, the Cheerson CX-10 seemed like the go-to quadcopter drone for beginners… will that change with this one? I certainly hope the 1501 Space Predator makes at least a case for itself against the mighty (pun intended) Cheerson!

The 1501 Space Predator can be bought from Gearbest for $18 shipped.


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  • Just bought this one, im wondering how it will fly when receiving it!

  • I wil make a review video of it when i have it!

  • randy

    I have a 1501 predator drone does anyone know the part number for the propellers i need to get some more but can’t find where to get them from