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Cheerson CX-12 is a drone that looks like a jet!


CX-12Cheerson does have multiple quadcopter drone models on the market, but the tiniest of them all — the CX-10 seems to win the popularity race for obvious reasons.

The China based company just announced another quadcopter drone in the form of the Cheerson CX-12. It isn’t your everyday micro/nano drone; instead, the CX-12 is one which looks more like a scaled down fighter jet than anything else.

It is strictly a toy-grade quadcopter drone, if you haven’t guessed yet. Price wise too, it isn’t anything serious at just $18 shipped. It comes in a variety of color combinations, all of which have a camouflage sort of a look to them.

cx-12 2

The CX-12 is powered by the same 100mAh battery as the CX-10. It also ships with the exact same controller, but I’m not really sure if it is cross compatible with the CX-10 (my guess is it isn’t). According to the source, the CX-12 takes about 30 minutes to charge after which it returns a 4-5 minute flight.

Something worth noting is the fact that the controller has a range of just 20m, so the Cheerson CX-12 is perhaps best suited as an indoor flier. You can order the CX-12 here for $18 shipped.

Are you planning to add the CX-12 to your nano/micro collection?


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