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Video: Cheerson CX-22 spotted in the wild!

Cheerson CX-20

cx-20The Cheerson CX-20 has proven to be a fierce DJI competitor, and from what I’ve been learning, an update to the already very successful CX-20 is in the pipeline in the form of the CX-22.

There have been rumours around the Cheerson CX-22 in the past, but this is perhaps the first time that we’re seeing the CX-22 in flesh. A leaked video of the upcoming quadcopter drone has been making rounds on the internet, which I’ve embedded here for you to see.

Cheerson CX-22 Video Leak

I’m not sure if the FPV gear (including FPV monitor) will be part of the basic bundle of the Cheerson CX-22, but it is clearly visible in the video. Also what you can easily make out is that the controller will now have an LCD display.

As usual, the CX-22 is going to have GPS, headless mode and other good features that the CX-20 had, but as you know and as I’m sure, there will be a lot of new stuff added on to the new Cheerson. Also, the CX-22 appears to be a part of the new CX-x2 series (model numbers ending in ‘2’).

A recent addition to the series was the Cheerson CX-12, which in stark contrast to the CX-22, is an entry-level toy-grade drone. Anyway, considering that the Cheerson CX-20 sells for around $250, what do you think will be the price of the new CX-22?

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