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Moontop M9916 looks like an affordable Syma X11 clone


M9916It isn’t uncommon to see popular products being cloned in China. More often than not, the ‘inspiration’ comes from international companies, but of late, a lot of Chinese products themselves have been cloned.

The Syma X11 (full review here) is regarded as one of the best entry-level quadcopter drones in the market. Makers of the Moontop M9916 probably acknowledge the fact and thus, have cloned the quadcopter. As you can see from the pictures, the M9916 is a clear Syma X11 knock off.

A Syma X11 Clone?

M9916 4

The Moontop M9916…

Syma X11 (5)

…and the Syma X11

In fact, it comes complete with a built-in (yet removable) prop guard of its own, which looks exactly like the one used on the X11. I wouldn’t really be surprised if the M9916 is made in the same facilities as the Syma X11.

While the Syma X11 has only a 2-speed controller, the Moontop M9916 appears to have a 3-speed transmitter according to the listing. It has a 250mAh battery, which should return around 10 minutes of flight time. From the product photos, I can tell that the M9916 has geared props like the X11.

The Moontop M9916 is most likely a Syma X11 rebrand. But what’s good is that it costs a mere $22 shipped, which is about $8 cheaper than the Syma X11 which goes for around $29.


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