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Drones, helis banned in Tokyo public parks after one lands on PM’s roof!


DJI PhantomA ‘small’ aircraft measuring 50cm in diameter was found to have landed on the roof of the house of the Japan Prime Minister, around a couple of weeks back. If that isn’t a scare enough, take this: the drone (reportedly a DJI Phantom) was found to have not only a camera, but also radioactive material inside of it.

The aftermath of the incident is that drone and helicopter enthusiasts in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo will NOT be allowed to use their aircraft in public parks and gardens. As Tech in Asia‘s Jeff Quigley rightly puts, this is a case of one idiot ruining the fun for everyone else.

I won’t really get into the ins and outs of it (it was an act of protest and politics isn’t my cup of tea). You might however want to know of the consequences of flying a drone in one of the 81 public parks that now ban the use of them — you’ll be in for a penalty of JPY 50,000 (US$417).

A lot of governments around the world are scratching their heads to settle on drone laws. In India, for example, another development that recently took place could mean that rules similar to the ones passed by the FAA in the US be implemented in the country.

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