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Lily looks like the ultimate aerial filming drone for newbies


Lily RC Drone Arena  (3)You’ve heard about point-and-shoot cameras, but throw-and-shoot is kind of… new. That’s how the founders of Lily describe the drone.

From the outset, Lily looks like the best of many worlds. In essence, it is designed to help you with your aerial shooting — without requiring any input whatsoever from your end. All you’re required to do is wear the tracking device on you (say, for example, on your wrist) and Lily will ensure you stay in the frame.

Lily RC Drone Arena  (1)

Lily has a 12 mega-pixel sensor that does up to 1080p at 60fps. It also has a slow-motion mode where it shoots at 720p but at an impressive 120fps. Since it’s made for action and adventure freaks, it is but obvious that the drone will be subject to all kinds of terrian… which is perhaps why the Lily is IP67 grade water resistant.It has various modes which you can toggle between, for example follow (self-explanatory), fly up (increases altitude), etc. I know what you’re thinking, and I feel the same — this does sound crazy good.

The catch is, Lily isn’t into mass production yet; it is still in the pre-order stage with shipments set to go out starting February 2016. For now, it is listed for $499 + shipping. The website mentions that the price will go up to $999 once pre-orders are shipped.

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Are you going to get one of these?

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  • Alvie Rodgers

    Man!i want one of these!!!

    • I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t want one of these after watching the video!