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Lian Sheng LS-128 ‘Sky Hunter’ FPV Drone Unboxing!


The Lian Sheng LS-128 seems like quite a popular quadcopter drone here. I just received mine, and boy, doesn’t it fly like a pro! The LS-128 sells for $160 shipped on GearBest among other sites, and is quite a looker of a quadcopter drone. It comes with an FPV monitor that can be mounted on the controller, which gives you a realtime view of the periphery around the LS-128 quadcopter drone.


What I like most about this quadcopter drone is that the direction in which the camera points (single axis) can be changes right from the controller… this is something I’ve never seen on a quadcopter drone before! In the video, you can see all of the stuff that it comes with, which includes spare blades, users manual, etc.

A full review of this quadcopter drone will be coming in the next few days, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you’re interested, you can purchase the Lian Sheng LS-128 from GearBest.

Watch the unboxing video here:

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  • Frequent Flyer RC

    Nice Unboxing! 😛

    • Cheers! Looks like a nice flier so far.