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JXD 398 is another UFO-ish quadcopter drone


JXD 398JXD is known for making some quality entry-level quadcopter drones. The newest from the Chinese company happens to be the JXD 398 which is a micro quadcopter drone… with the very popular UFO look. It does remind a little of the UFO Intruder quadcopter that came into the market some months back, but this one seems to be a little bigger in size.

According to a listing of the JXD 398, it has a 500mAh battery (I’m not sure if that is accurate) which is quite impressive for a micro quadcopter drone. It does flights up to 6 minutes apparently, after a 60 minute charge. Also, it comes with three blade propellers and not two blade ones… something you don’t get to see too often. These usually have two-blade props, unless of course it’s a mod that we’re talking about.

It is priced $30 which doesn’t sound all that bad considering the build quality that JXD usually offer. It appears to be in stock right now, but only on GearBest. Other hobby shops, notably Banggood is yet to list the JXD 398, so it might be a good idea to confirm stock before placing an order. The JXD 398 can be ordered for $30 shipped.

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