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FQ777-124: Drone-in-a-controller for $16


The success of the hugely popular Cheerson CX-10 still resounds, and it is no surprise that more and more Chinese drone makers are looking to rival the cult quadcopter drone with new competition every now and then. The FQ777-124 is the latest of this lot, and besides being a super small quadcopter drone, it also does something more: it fits right inside its own controller. If you ask me, this isn’t just very cool, but also extremely handy. You’ve always wanted to fit your Cheerson CX-10 in your pocket, but the thought of broken props always made you change your mind. Not anymore!

The FQ777-124 is as affordable. It goes for a mere $16 shipped worldwide. Of course, you get what you pay for; China has, however, been working hard at giving the phrase an all new meaning. Coming back to the FQ777-124, it also features headless mode (click here to know what headless mode means), controller mode switch, comes with a free protection frame (MASSIVE win!) and is powered by a 100mAh battery that should go for a good 5 minutes or so. Interestingly, this baby also features RTH (return to home), but I’m not really sure how well that would work.

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The FQ777-124 can be bought for $16 shipped, and I think it is something that could give the CX-10 a run for its money with an all new design, free prop guard and of course, the drone-in-a-case swag.

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