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OriginHobby’s CK250 is a near-indestructible quadcopter drone


black_result-1Racing quadcopter drones are some of the most breakage susceptible fliers on the market. OriginHobby’s CK250 however is a product that aims to solve the issue; at least a part of it by making use of material that is hard to destruct. The CK250 comes with what the guys from OriginHobby call ‘foamy material’, which is a lot less brittle. According to the company, the CK250 has enough to take a few good crashes at high speed. The product listing of the CK250 doesn’t say much unfortunately, but from what I can tell it is going to be sold as a part of an ARF kit.

OriginHobby has also put up a video of the quadcopter drone taking quite a beating, and I have to admit it does look interesting. Perhaps something budding racing quadcopter enthusiasts can consider. OriginHobby will however have to give it a good price tag for that.

It is a standard 250mm frame paired with 2300KV motors and a choice of Naze32/CC3D flight controllers. A 3S 2200mAh battery powers the CK250 quadcopter drone, which should be good for over 10 minutes of flights on a single charge. Take a look at the video below for more.


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