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Action camera juggernaut GoPro’s drone is coming soon


Despite the growing competition in the action camera space, GoPros are the de facto standard. Various blatant Chinese knockoffs (especially the SJ4000) and some not so blatant ones such as the Xiaomi Yi camera are however trying hard to bring GoPro down, with little success. The drone market, however, tells a different story. In fact, it is almost the opposite: it is Chinese manufacturers ruling the roost. Be it entry-level toy quadcopters or full fledged professional level drones, almost everything is coming from China.

“The quad is in some ways the ultimate GoPro accessory,” Nick Woodman (CEO, GoPro) said. The quadcopter will presumably target the consumer than the professional, and should consequently have a price tag that would be comparable to products from the likes of DJI and Parrot. GoPro also have some other quadcopter-centric accessories in the works, I can’t but imagine that the quadcopter would go hand-in-hand with those.


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