Home Launch Bo Ming Toys M1-3 X-5: YET another Syma X5C clone!

Bo Ming Toys M1-3 X-5: YET another Syma X5C clone!


bm_result-1The Syma X5C has been one hell of a hit among quadcopter enthusiasts the world around. Not only has the quadcopter disappeared off shelves in no time, it has also been copied innumerable times by Chinese quadcopter OEMs. One among the popular Syma X5C clones happens to be the FY326 quadcopter (a review of which I’m currently working on), but the list of X5C clones simply doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

The Bo Ming Toys M1-3 X-5 (heck, that is a long name) aka the BM-Copter Flip King is the latest in this list of Syma X5C clones. This one costs just over $30, and looks almost exactly like the X5C. It works off of a 3.7V 500mAh battery, which according to the source gives 5-8 minute flights.

And then there’s the usual flip capabilities, along with a mount to place your camera… however it’ll have to be one of those super lightweight cameras that we see on other inexpensive Chinese drones. It wouldn’t even move if you try to mount a GoPro or something similar, I believe. Also, this one doesn’t seem to have either headless mode and/or one key return features.

The Bo Ming Toys M1-3 X-5 can be ordered for $32 shipped.



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