Home Launch The UDI U27 Free Loop quadcopter does inverted flights for $50

The UDI U27 Free Loop quadcopter does inverted flights for $50


UDI is generally regarded as a toy maker that produces better than average quality quadcopters and drones. Like almost every other quadcopter drone manufacturer on RC Drone Arena, UDI too is based out of China. The company’s latest micro quadcopter drone, the UDI U27 ‘Free Loop’, is one that does inverted flights, and also doesn’t cost much at $50 shipped.

It comes in an RTF kit, and like all other new launches the U27 does headless flights as well. But as I mentioned before, it is the fact that it does inverted flights that is the USP of the UDI U27. The controller that ships with it has a bit of a console game controller look to it; UDI generally like to have a unique design on their products and it shows.

It also does double flips, a feature you don’t usually see on quadcopters that often. Build looks to be of high quality like other UDI quadcopters, which also sort of explains why this costs more than your average micro quadcopter.

The UDI U27 is up for orders at: $50 at Banggood and GearBest, and $46 at Tmart.

UDI U27 2


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