Home Launch JXD 502 is a Proto X style drone that does headless flights

JXD 502 is a Proto X style drone that does headless flights


JXD 502_result-1The Estes Proto X was, for a long while, regarded as the world’s smallest quadcopter drone. But that was before the Cheerson CX-10 burst on to the scene to snatch the title away. Now that there’s not a lot happening on that scene, makers seem to have shifted their focus on improving existing design. The JXD 502 quadcopter drone that just got listed seems to be one with a frame that reminds you of the Estes Proto X/Hubsan Q4, but with a few nifty tricks that neither of the aforementioned couple drones offer.

The JXD 502 costs a mere $18 shipped, and measures smaller than the size of your palm. But that doesn’t stop the makers from cramping in some cool tech, which includes features like one key return, headless mode and of course, your regular flips.

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You can order the JXD 502 for $18 shipped. It comes with a 75mAh battery, which according to the specifications can do up to 5 minutes of flight time after a 60 minute charge. It will be interesting to see if this manages to give the already crowded nano quadcopter drone segment a challenge.


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