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Top 5 headless mode quadcopter drones under $25

If you're just starting out with quadcopter drone flying, this list of the top 5 headless mode quadcopter drones might come in handy for you!


If you’re just starting out with the quadcopter drone hobby, it might make (a lot) of sense to get an inexpensive one before you move on to bigger, more expensive drones.

And if it is now that you’re starting out, thank the heavens for it happens to be a very good time since quadcopter drones are cheaper than ever before. You can get quadcopters for as low as $14 (and this includes free worldwide shipping!) now. If someone told me a year back that quadcopter drones would be available for that low in the future, I’d probably never talk to them again.


Anyway, coming back to you being a beginner (or wanting to be one). While hardcore quadcopter drone enthusiasts don’t really endorse the idea of headless quadcopters (click here to know what a headless quadcopter means), it is actually a very nice entry ground for beginners. Up until this year, headless mode quadcopters usually costed a bomb (EASILY over $150), but thanks to Chinese manufacture and the rising global demand, many headless mode quadcopter drones are available for very affordable prices.

Here I’ll discuss about and list 5 quadcopter drones with headless mode, that cost not $100, not $50, but UNDER $25! So without wasting time, lets get to it.

Top 5 headless mode quadcopter drones under $25

1Eachine H8 Mini/JJRC H8 Mini

This is a special one. At the time of writing this article, the Eachine H8 Mini or the JJRC H8 Mini is the CHEAPEST available quadcopter drone on the planet at just $14 shipped worldwide.

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If you’re wondering why I’m using two names for the same quadcopter drone, well, it is because they’re the same product marketed as two (a common phenomenon for Chinese products). The Eachine version is a Banggood exclusive, while it can be had in its original JJRC branding from various stores such as GearBest, Tmart, etc.

Purchase: Banggood | GearBest | Tmart | Amazon

2Eachine CG023 Mini

The Eachine CG023 Mini is a massively popular quadcopter drone which has been around for a while. Thanks to that, it has enjoyed a fair number of price cuts, which now means that it is sold for just $23. Quadcopter aficionados will know that the Eachine CG023 is in fact a clone of the extremely popular Blade Nano QX. The rather unique looks, and of course the affordable price make the Eachine CG023 a very good choice for beginners.

Purchase: BanggoodTmart | Amazon

3Cheerson CX-10A

Chances are that you’ve already heard a LOT about this tiny little giant. The Cheerson CX-10 is perhaps the most popular quadcopter drone on the planet (it sells for a mere), and the company recently gave it a headless upgrade to form the Cheerson CX-10A (click here to read my review of the Cheerson CX-10A). It can be had for as low as $16 if you’re OK from importing from China; US residents can purchase the CX-10A for $19 via Amazon. They say you just can’t go wrong with a Cheerson CX-10A!

Purchase: Banggood | GearBest | Tmart | Amazon

4WLtoys V676

WLtoys is a JJRC subsidiary, but with a name that’s more acceptable to western markets. The WLtoys V676 is a tiny little quadcopter drone, reminiscent of the Cheerson CX-10A but with a more stylish canopy. It also almost sells for as much as the Cheerson counterpart at just $16 shipped. US natives can get the WLtoys V676 via Amazon, shipped from a domestic warehouse.

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Purchase: Banggood | GearBest | Tmart | Amazon

5Lian Sheng LS113

Lian Sheng is a quadcopter manufacturer that is fast rising up the ranks in the industry. The LS128 from the company is already quite popular, but is meant for the intermediate than the beginner. The LS113, on the other hand, is one of the top 5 headless drones for beginners. It sells for just $15 shipped internationally, and has a very cool mini dragon sort of a look to it. It can also be had via Amazon.

Purchase: GearBest | Amazon


If you noticed, 4 of the 5 headless mode drones listed here are available for under $20. I’m pretty sure next time I write an article like this, there’ll be a tonne of these for as low as $15.

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Meanwhile, do let me know which one you decide to buy, and probably even do a guest review of it from a beginners point of view at RC Drone Arena (you can get in touch for that). Also be sure to comment below if you know of other quadcopter drones that you think should’ve featured here. Happy flying!

  • ArsetoFandy

    I’m waiting for Eachine H8 Mini & Cheerson CX-10A from Banggood, ordered yesterday using Air Parcel Register. How long does it take to delivered to my country? (Indonesia)

    • Air Parcel should take 2-3 weeks. In my experience China Post and HK Post are the fastest; Sweden Post and the likes can take longer though.

  • AMiR Momin

    I’m waiting for Eachine H8 Mini from Banggood, ordered yesterday using Air Parcel Register. How long does it take to delivered to my country? (India ) Gujarat

    • Depends on what method Banggood use to ship to you. CN post, HK post and SG post should be the fastest to India.

    • shakti

      hello amir , i just want to know that in how many days it take to come india and is there any defect in or any problum you have to face ….thnx

  • I saw the drone Eachine Mini H8 have problems with the engines, (but I like) I have some questions for you:

    1. knows some engine problems?

    2. As you would take a shipment to Colombia believed?

    3. if you know anything about Banggood change the article by damage?

    4. It’s safe to shop with Banggood?

    5. drone which I recommend, and recommends where to buy it?

    Thanks for your time 🙂