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MJX X600 hexacopter drone listed for $53


I believe it’s a been a while since a hexacopter was talked about here at RC Drone Arena. Hexacopters offer better precision in control, and naturally are more expensive when you compare them to quadcopter drones. This is perhaps why you don’t see a lot of hexacopter drones being launched. However, the drone market is expanding at an explosive pace, and more hexacopter drones are certainly going to be one consequence.

MJX is a popular hexacopter maker from China. You might already be familiar with the X900, which is arguably the world’s most affordable hexacopter drone. Nonetheless, the MJX X600 is what is the focus of this article. Lets delve.

The X600 comes with a canopy that reminds me of the Lian Sheng LS128 quadcopter drone, with the only (and major) difference being the number of propeller arms. It has a 700mAh battery which according to Banggood’s listing returns flights of up to 8-9 minutes. Needless to say, since even $14 RTF quadcopters have features like headless mode (what is headless mode?) and one key return, the MJX X600 does so too.

The X600 also comes with a couple of interesting features such as throttle control for beginners, controller switching (between mode 1 and mode 2), and FPV. However, FPV is optional and requires additional purchase.

FPV is via WiFi, so don’t expect to fly the X600 only by looking into your smartphone. The MJX X600 is currently listed for $53, which one would assume is the price for the ‘basic’ version of the hexacopter drone.

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