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Walkera Runner 250 drone: one for the lazy DIY drone enthusiast


250 sized quadcopter drone frames are without argument, the most popular frame size. They’re the go-to choice for drone builders who like to get their hands dirty and DIY their own quadcopter.

Then there are others, who simply like the look and feel of a custom built drone but don’t want to get their hands dirty. By that, I mean selecting parts for the drone, ordering and purchasing them separately, and then finally investing hours into building the drone. That’s exactly the kind of people Walkera is targeting with the new Walkera Runner 250 quadcopter drone.

walkera runner 250 2_result-2

It’ll be a modular quadcopter drone made to look like a custom built one. Banggood is even offering the Walkera 250 Runner with some interesting bundles that include choice of FPV and included Devo controllers.

If you’re keen on knowing how the final product will turn out to be, watch the video below. Be warned, it’s a video with cheesy music and NSFW-ish audio.

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The Walkera Runner 250 can be bought off of Banggood for a starting price of $148.

UPDATE (06/22/2015): Also listed on GearBest in four different bundles: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Walkera Runner 250 in action:

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