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Parrot announces 13 new drones, including refreshed models


China’s DJI and France’s Parrot are two of the most popular consumer drone makers in the world. Earlier today, Parrot announced not 2, not 5, not 7 but a total of 13 new drones. Without wasting more time, lets delve into the details.


Two new Airborne drones were announced — ‘Night’ and ‘Cargo’. Both can be controlled via Bluetooth using the FreeFlight 3 app. Since it’s Bluetooth, range isn’t going to be as good as a standalone controller. The Airborne drones provide 9 minutes of flight time, and can be charged in about 25 minutes according to Parrot. The drones come with a camera that allows you to take 0.3 MP photos on the provided 1GB microSD card. The ‘Cargo’ version can be used to transport tiny objects (perhaps just for the heck of it) to places covered in the range of the controller.


The Hydrofoil drone is a hybrid drone that works on water as well as in the air. Essentially it uses a variation of the Rolling Spider drone attached to a boat shaped canopy. Parrot claims this €169/$190 does up to 7 minutes (of… flight?).

This one is, in fact, a very interesting application for a drone. As you will have noted from the video above, the angle of attack of the drone is what gives the boat the acceleration. Neat!

Jumping Drones

Parrot’s clearly taking advantage of the vague meaning the term ‘drone’ holds for some people. The bunch of Jumping Drones that Parrot announced this time round are variations to the older Jumping Sumo. They still have two wheels and are controlled via a remote. As Engadget notes, and what also happens to be why you should be buying these is because they do 32-inch jumps (how cool is that?).

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Parrot is planning to bring the above mentioned models to the UK (and probably other European markets) on July 2nd.