Home Launch Weilihua WLH 08, a Parrot Rolling Spider clone for $35

Weilihua WLH 08, a Parrot Rolling Spider clone for $35


Chinese phone makers do clones all the time, but it looks like toy and drone makers are fast catching up. There are a couple of very popular clones drones in China (such as the Eachine CG023, etc.) and here’s another that appears to be a direct knock off of the Parrot Rolling Spider quadcopter drone.

Known as the Weilihua WLH 08, this quadcopter drone will set you back by a mere $35 (shipped!). According to the listing of the WLH 08, it’ll come with a 650mAh battery which will return 8-10 minutes of flight after 2 hours of charging. Needless to say, it does flips, but there’s surprisingly no mention of headless mode on this quadcopter drone.

It is advertised as a ‘2-in-1’ quadcopter drone, so what’s the other feature besides flying? Well, you guessed it right — it comes with the same wheels sort of an attachment as the Rolling Spider, which makes it look like a massive ground RC vehicle. The WLH 08 will also do one key return according to the specifications.

The Weilihua WLH 08 can be pre-ordered for $35 (as of writing this article), with shipping slated to commence July 2nd.

Weilihua WLH 08 Gallery

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