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Mingji MJ107 quadcopter drone does WiFi FPV for not a lot of money


Mingji is a maker I’ve never heard of before, but instances such as this one are far from infrequent. Every now and then, companies pop out of nowhere, and sometimes offer stuff that’s actually noteworthy.

Coming back to Mingji, the company have on offer the Mingji MJ107 quadcopter drone, which comes with a camera and costs a mere $46. Guess what, it doesn’t end there; the MJ107 also does FPV (via WiFi), so this could be something starters and FPV newbies might want to take note of.

It looks very much like one of those mini Syma quadcopter drones (also has a bit of HT F801C in it). Along with a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, the MJ107 has a 600mAh battery which according to the company returns flights 5-7 minutes long.

Not to my surprise, the MJ107 also features headless mode (what is headless mode?) and one key return. There’s a rather interesting and innovative feature found on this one, which the listing calls “Resetting messed up trimmer operation function”; as you would’ve guessed it, it allows you to reset trim level by just the push of a button. Very cool indeed, and to be honest I had been wishing for a feature like this to show on inexpensive drones. Hope other makers take cue!

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The MJ107 can be ordered for $46 (as of writing this article), which seems like a good price for what’s on offer.

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