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GPtoys H2O Aviax is a waterproof Syma X5 alternative


Affordable quadcopter drones these days do more than you could imagine six months back. Headless mode, one key return — you name it, and even the cheapest quadcopter drone in the world will have it.

Only yesterday did I post about the all new WLtoys Q202 ‘aeroamphibous’ quadcopter drone, which is water-friendly up to an extent. Today though, news came through of a new quadcopter drone which is completely waterproof — the GPtoys H2O.

Of course, there’s a limit to how deep the GPtoys H2O can be immersed in water. According to the manufacturer, this limit lies somewhere between 2 and 7 meters — not bad at all for a drone that costs a mere $44.

RC Drone Arena patrons will probably recognize the design in an instant; yes, it is somewhat inspired by the Syma X5.

The aptly-named GPtoys H2O comes with 2x 650mAh batteries (which should be good for about 8min of flight each), and a controller which claims to offer 100m of range. Needless to say, this water-friendly drone also features headless mode.

The manufacturer claims that the H2O drone is pretty OK diving in the water, but it’s LiPo battery isn’t. In other words, the GPtoys H2O will probably just not die when you accidentally land in water; if you want a more full-fledged water drone, look at the Parrot Hydrofoil perhaps.

The GPtoys H2O can be ordered for $44 shipped worldwide.

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