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JJRC H2: Estes Proto X style nano drone with headless mode

Nano drone that will compete against the likes of the Cheerson CX-10, Syma X12


If not anything else, nano drones are here to stay. Almost every major quadcopter drone manufacturer has a nano drone on the market, with Cheerson leading the race with the CX-10 (review). Nano quadcopters have been successful because they hardly cost any money, and provide for a platform which you can learn on… without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

What is interesting to see is that despite the crowded nano quadcopter drone space, there are still companies dishing out more drones in the segment. The JJRC H2 is perhaps the newest entrant here.

However, unlike other drones of its size, the JJRC H2 doesn’t come super cheap. Don’t get me wrong, it is still pretty affordable at $32, but it isn’t Cheerson CX-10 cheap (which sells for about $15). A couple of features which JJRC have added to the H2 include — headless mode (click here to know what it means), and one key return.

Design wise, the JJRC H2 is similar to the Estes Proto X aka the Hubsan Q4, which at one point last year held the crown of being the world’s smallest quadcopter drone. The H2 has a rather teeny battery, which is natural given its puny size. The battery measures 75mAh in capacity and according to the manufacturer, does 5 minute flights.

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The JJRC H2 can be ordered via Geekbuying for $32.