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Syma X8G comes with a GoPro style 5MP camera

Syma gives the original X8C a camera upgrade in the form of a GoPro style 5MP action camera


You might have already read about the Syma X8C, which happens to be a full-sized quadcopter drone from Syma. The company has released the product in a couple of different variants already, including the regular X8C variant (which I’m currently testing) and the X8W version with WiFi FPV. It appears as though Syma has given in to popular demand and has announced the quadcopter in yet another variant as the Syma X8G.

The Syma X8G comes with a 5 mega-pixel camera on-board. The other two versions have cameras too, but what’s different about the X8G is the fact that it has a GoPro style action camera, which I assume can be used as a standalone device as well (if that isn’t possible, it would defeat the purpose of including a camera like that).


This one too will have a 2000mAh battery like the X8C. I’m assuming not a lot apart from the action camera part will be different; of course, the X8G will also be able to do WiFi FPV.

  • Model:¬†Syma X8G
  • Size group:¬†Full sized
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Camera: GoPro style 5MP action camera
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • Other: One Key Return
  • Price: $169.99 shipped

There’s no word on pricing and/or availability of this new quadcopter drone yet, but I’m guessing it won’t take too long before active resellers such as GearBest, Banggood, TinyDeal, etc. start selling the flier.

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(Update: The Syma X8G is on sale for $169.99 shipped) From my experience with the Syma X8C, I can tell that it’s a fun full-sized flier without any overhead such as GPS, etc. The X8C can be bought for $109. Expect this to be sold for anywhere between $150-170! The X8G can be bought starting for $169.99.

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  • Ankush Kaul

    Will this work well with a gimbal + GoPro vs ROA Parkour 280 Racer?

    • Not sure what you mean exactly, sorry? If you plan to use a gimbal, you could probably look at brushless quads that are more capable. The Parkour 280, as you know, is a racer and not really suited for slow filming.

      • Ankush Kaul

        I have a GoPro and looking for a basic quad ($100-150) which can be used with it. Is Syma X8G a good option? Just want to make sure the quad can take the weight of the GoPro

        • Ankush Kaul

          Or how about JJRC X1 and JJRC H16, good for beginners?

          • Oh, okay. The JJRC X1, Bayangtoys X16, and even the XK X251 are much better options, in that case.

          • Ankush Kaul

            Thanks will check them out!

          • Ankush Kaul

            Which one of these is better suited for a beginner?