Home Launch Floureon FX-10 is the new world’s smallest drone (costs $17)

Floureon FX-10 is the new world’s smallest drone (costs $17)

Cheerson CX-10 style quadcopter that fits in the controller goes on sale for $18


Update (7/7/15): The article has been updated to reflect the new lower price.

The Cheerson CX-10 (review) had its fair share of golden days, but it seems like there’s a new contender in town for the crown of the world’s smallest quadcopter drone — the Floureon FX-10.

I believe neither the rhyming name (Cheerson ‘CX-10’…Floureon ‘FX-10’), nor the similar design, is a coincidence. It is just a case of a Chinese drone maker #KeepingItRealFake (#kirf).

The Floureon FX-10 costs a mere $17, which might sound like a good amount to pay for an entry-level drone, but the original CX-10 is still cheaper at around $16 shipped.

What’s good about the Floureon FX-10 though is that it is super easy to carry around. It comes with a controller with a hatch to store the quadcopter drone in, so it is extremely easy to carry around.

It does however compromise on battery, because the FX-10 has only an 80mAh battery which according to the manufacturer is enough for 5-6 minutes of flight (hard to believe, more like 3-4min in my opinion).

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Nonetheless, if you’re interested in the FX-10 you can get one for $17 shipped.

  • Model: Floureon FX-10
  • Size group: Nano
  • Battery: 80mAh
  • Camera: N/A
  • Headless mode: No
  • Other: Throw to fly, fits in controller
  • Price: $17


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