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Koome Q5 Mini: Budget micro quadcopter for $21

Another micro quadcopter drone goes on sale for a tempting price of $21


There’s tonnes of micro quadcopters on the market, but interestingly almost each one of them has something unique to offer. The newest micro quadcopter drone that I came across happens to be the Koome Q5 Mini, which costs $21 and has pre-insalled prop-guards (by the looks of it).

Koome isn’t a company I’ve heard before, so as a buyer I’d be wary to go with the Q5 Mini, especially if it is going to be my first quadcopter drone… which is usually the case with micro- and nano-quadcopter drone buyers.

Here’s what the Koome Q5 Mini comes with; it has a 150mAh battery which should last about 5 minutes in flight. Unfortunately though, the battery seems to be non-removable so you can’t swap batteries to extend flight time.

In all fairness, the Koome Q5 Mini looks like a Bayang Toys X7 rebrand to me. Not that it should bother you; you’d probably like knowing about its lineage anyway.

The Koome Q5 Mini can be bought for $21, which isn’t a bad price at all considering it comes with a proper-sized controller (and not an unbelievably tiny one).


  • Model: Koome Q5 Mini
  • Size group: Micro
  • Battery: 150mAh
  • Camera: N/A
  • Headless mode: No
  • Other: Non-removable battery
  • Price: $21
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