Home News Cheerson CX-Stars has the cheesiest commercial of them all

Cheerson CX-Stars has the cheesiest commercial of them all

This video from Cheerson probably bags the award for being the worst quadcopter commercial in all time!


It is no secret that the Chinese have quite a ‘unique’ (for the lack of a better word) taste. The culture, the rituals and customs, all of it contribute to make a truly unique country, with some interesting products originating from there.

Why we love China though is for the ultra-affordable manufacture, right from phones to drones… but there are times when you truly wish the Chinese worked with a more international marketing team.

Cheerson is perhaps the best known quadcopter drone maker after DJI in the world. It’s CX-10 (read my review here) has for a long, long time been the best selling quadcopter drone. The company’s just come up with a new quadcopter — the new Cheerson CX-Stars — if you’re not aware, but it has a really cheesy commercial. It’s so cheesy that it’s not even funny. Honestly.

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Take a look below and judge for yourself. To top it off, the video is even called “How to hook up with hot girls: Cheerson CX Stars Nano RC Quadcopter”. Well… as if there already wasn’t enough interest around quadcopters.

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