Home Video Eachine H8 Mini Unboxing: The world’s cheapest drone!

Eachine H8 Mini Unboxing: The world’s cheapest drone!

Watch the world's cheapest available quadcopter drone being unboxed!


The Eachine H8 Mini is the world’s cheapest available quadcopter drone, shipping worldwide at a mere $14. It’s only been a few hours since I got mine, and boy, isn’t this little flier a LOT of fun!

Through the next few days, I’ll check the Eachine H8 Mini for robustness, build quality and other factors. One thing to note is that the H8 Mini isn’t really made for beginners per se; the yaw rate on the quadcopter is absolutely insane.

At $14, the Eachine H8 Mini is quite a bargain… that is, if you already know how to fly a quadcopter. Nonetheless, take a look at the quick unboxing video of the H8 Mini I put together earlier today, and if you’re interested, purchase one from Banggood for $14 shipped.

Eachine H8 Mini Unboxing Video

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