The Eachine H8 Mini, also known as the world’s cheapest quadcopter at $14 shipped internationally (review), is quite a lot of fun. Not only is it (super) fast and agile, but it also has features such as headless mode and one key return.

Headless mode is a function on quadcopters that allows you to fly the aircraft around with much greater ease, and something usually beginners will like to have on their first and second quadcopters.

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Before the start of 2015, only very expensive models featured headless mode, but entry-level quadcopters such as the Eachine H8 Mini are already doing it, and headless mode has become a bit of a standard for any quadcopter already.

Unfortunately, inexpensive quadcopters haven’t yet reached a level where they come with exhaustive user manuals; that might be the case if you read Chinese, but as many of you would agree, that definitely doesn’t hold true for the English (rather, Chinglish) manuals that ship with quadcopters.

So if you own an Eachine H8 Mini and have yet to figure out how to enable headless mode, we got you covered. Here is how to enable headless mode on the Eachine H8 Mini!

How to enable headless mode on Eachine H8 Mini

Here’s how to enable headless mode on the Eachine H8 Mini:

  • Bind quadcopter to controller.
  • Ensure that the quadcopter is facing away from you.
  • Reset orientation by pushing both sticks on the controller to the bottom right position.
  • Finally, to enable headless mode, first press the left stick till you feel it ‘click’.
  • Lastly, push the right stick in the upward direction.

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As simple as that!

Once enabled, you can start taking your H8 Mini for headless flights without worrying about orientation anymore. Which is kind of needed on the H8 Mini (unless you’re a quadcopter pro) because of the super high yaw rates.

If you don’t own an H8 Mini yet, you can get one here.

  • john

    Is it normal that the Remote is beep beep beep when the mode is on?

    • Yes. Perfectly normal.

      • mavvynet

        As a beginner I prefer the headless mode, but it is so annoying. Any way to disable the beeping except dismantling the transmitter and cut some wires?

  • Antonio Victor

    My Remote is beeping and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

    • You probably need to replace your batteries.

    • jhjoaquin

      Did u try to put it to headless mode? If u did it will start to beep all the time until u turn it off. Mine did that too. And I can’t turn it off now.

  • Alina

    Unfortunatelly I conected bad the drone to the battery. And now the drone is not working. Is tgere any chance to restart it. Can I do something to make it fly again?

    • Bad drone to the battery?

    • Jonathan

      Seems like you connected the battery improperly and fried your drone. Sorry, but I think it’s dead.

  • Joshua Ogden J.

    thanks for explaining this, the instructions did not make it super clear. Cheers

  • Hanny Sutiyo

    hello, i thought once remote and the quadcopter binded, every movement on the left (throttle) stick will trigger the quadcopter as well, so i do not understand , how come all you people do all those 4 steps and yet the quadcopter will stand still. Anyone can help me who is so dumb

    • Any movement on the left stick will cause the quadcopter to move only if the throttle goes up (in this case, it doesn’t; you are required to move the stick to the bottom right). Hope this helps.

  • Jonathan

    Mine won’t stop beeping now how to get it to stop..? Please it won’t fly any more. Changed the battery on both devices and tried the procedure multiple times. Still keeps beeping

    • Bigus.Disqus

      Punch the sticks down and reset the entire thing

  • Bigus.Disqus

    Pulling both sticks to the LOWER RIGHT while IN FLIGHT is an inverted flight function, now you just fly it upside down as before. It reverses the gyro functions. Punching the RIGHT stick while IN FLIGHT in a hover causes the beeping, it is waiting for you to do a flip. Quickly move right stick to upper RIGHT and it flips 360 degrees with orientation in place.

    Does anyone know HOW to reverse the axis controls so red lights instead of blue ones are in the rear like our cars? Typical Chinese lunacy, even their cars have brake lights!